What does this mean?

A pattern I’m looking at, in the gauge section of instructions, says “measured over doubles”. I’m not sure what this means. The entire project is made in single crochet, so if it means that the gauge is measured over double crochet then it doesn’t really make sense. So maybe ‘over doubles’ means something else?


uh- I dunno- my first thought is to make the swatch using double crochet- but then you said the pattern is entirely single… for stitch gauge it would not matter, but sc vs dc would matter for row gauge… weird. is the pattern on line?

No, the pattern is in a book. After I posted this question I looked through the book at all the other patterns and they are all much more specific, like “in single crochet” or “double crochet” or “over ___ stitch pattern”, so I’m kind of stumped.

I just looked in my Crochet answers book and it has no other meaning for “doubles”, just dc… so I agree- that is really confusing. if you do a swatch in dc, does it match up to their measurements?

Is there a website you can check for errata?

What I did was just chain the # it said with the hook size it gave and started off with the instructions to see what I’d come up with. It was fingering weight yarn and a size D/3 hook. I did a few rows and it was waaaaaaay too wide, so I don’t know what’s up with the pattern. If I have to go to a smaller hook, and with fingering weight, it would take me forever so I pretty much scrapped the pattern, for now anyways.

And I did try to look for an eratta or some way to contact that author, but couldn’t find anything. The book is “Essential Crochet” by Erika Knight.