What does this mean


I am trying to make a shawl and it says row 15 (k1 YO, YO) 100 times and then row 16 knit round, dropping all YO stitches???

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You’d knit 1, bring the yarn to the front then back over the right needle twice, k1 all the way across the row.

On the next row, you’d knit the regular stitches, but let the yarn you wrapped fall off the tip of the needle.

What you’re doing when you drop the wraps off the needle is making a row of elongated stitches. The dropped stitches may look uneven and sloppy at first, but don’t worry about it. When the shawl is finished and blocked, they will open up and give your shawl a light, lacy look.

THAT’S how you get that effect! Groovy! I’ve wondered about that but hadn’t ever done a pattern yet that called for it. Now, thanks to you guys, I’ll understand the “goal” of the instructions when I see that.

You guys SO rock!