What does this mean?

I am looking at this Pattern What does Yarn is held double throughout mean?

Your link isn’t working but usually that means knitting with 2 strands of yarn at once.

Are you in Milwaukee? I am!! :smiley: I haven’t been to Ruhama’s yet. I’ve heard it’s great though.

I can’t get that link to work. Seems like that whole section of their website is down, but usually it means what the above poster said. I’ve seen it in quite a few patterns and I’ve done it once with good results.

Zkimom is right, hold onto 2 strands of yarn (2 balls/skeins) at the same time through the entire pattern. Knits up quick using 2 strands and size 15 circs. Here is the link for the pattern for anyone else interested, the above link was broken: http://ruhamas.com/knitting/freePatterns/Easiest_Baby_Blanket.pdf

Good Luck on your project!

No I am in SC sorry about the link