What does this mean?

With 16" needle, cast on 90 (96,102) sts (stitches). Join and work in the rnd (round).
Place marker here to denote beginning of rnd. Work in stockinette st (knit every rnd) for 6".

Ok the bold part has me confused. It says stockinette st but then says knit every row. Which is it? Here is the pattern. http://knitting.about.com/library/blrollbrim.htm


When you are knitting in the round, you never turn the work, so K-ing all sts WILL be stockinette.

Im about to start the same hat…for DHs aunt, as soon as I finish Aibhlinn, which WILL be TONIGHT, I SWEAR!!! (short attention span…Im getting tired of dear Aibhlinn!)

Oh ok Thanks Kelly. :cheering: