What does this mean??



I have the following crochet instructions for a fan:
(Dc,{ch 2, dc} 3 times)
I’m reading it as follows:
Ch 2 dc
Ch 2 dc
Ch 2 dc
Is this right?


That makes sense and is in line with knitting instructions. Maybe a crocheter can confirm? @OffJumpsJack


Yes, that is correct.
What is the name of Patten?


It called Lacy Detail Tunic on Redheart.com


Just a note the is a marked difference between UK and US crochet notation.
I saw Leeds United listed in your post on profile.

I think the pattern is written in US notation.
If so then here is the UK translation.
(Treble crochet, (ch 2, Treble crochet) 3 times)


I prefer to use US terms. So many patterns are written in them I find I have to really think when I use UK terminology :joy: