What does this mean?

Hi, I’m new to reading patterns, could someone please tell me what the following means?

3rd row: inc 1 st in first st, Inc 1st st in next st. K1. 5 sts.

I figured out the increasing but the 5 sts.at the end is throwing me off. Does that mean I will have 5 stitches when finished with the row? After I do the final k1 I have no stitches left on my left needle. Thank you!

Could u post Rows 1 and 2 here?? That will help with our advice!! Don’t post the whole pattern, just Rows 1 and 2.


It could be the increase you are doing. When it says increase IN stitch it usually means a KFB. But if you could give us the name of the pattern and a link (don’t post the pattern here please just a link or a few lines) it would help.