What does this mean?-new question

First decrease round (in Garter Rib, this should be done on Rnd 1): (K2 P2tog) around

Am I knitting 2, then pearling 2 together or am I knitting 2 together and pearling 2 together?

The nest directions are
Work 5 rounds of pattern as established.
My pattern is round 1 k2 p2 around, round 2 knit. So if I am to do 5 rounds of pattern am I really doing 10 rounds?

knit 2, then purl 2 together.

Yes, k2, then p2 together.

5 rounds as established…I would keep going with the k one row, then do your k and p row. So the new pattern would be k2 p1 (since you purled the two p stitches tog and made one stitch). I think that this is what they want for the six rows including the decrease row.

row 1 (dec row) k2 p2tog

row 2 k

row3 k2 p1

row 4 k

row 5 k2 p1

row 6 k

But I don’t know without seeing the pattern…you might just need 5 rows of k2p1 after that, but that would change the pattern significantly.