What does this mean in pattern

Except where stand otherwise(for repost part rows 5 and 6 and 17 and 18 ),use one strand of yarn only. Does this mean after completing all 34 rows of pattern or does it mean for example rows 7 to 12 as rows 1 to 6 should the 5 and 6 of this be one strand instead of two on the first row 5 and 6. this is rowan pattern thorington from knitting and crochet magazine 46. Thank you, B

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Can you quote exactly what the sentence says?
The Shimmer yarn knits at about 29sts/4inches and the Kid Silk Haze at about 18sts/4 inches so possibly the Shimmer is doubled?

The Pattern note: Except where stated otherwise (for reps of past rows 5 and 6 and 17 and 18), use one strand of yarn only.

This should mean that on all row 5 and 6 and 17 and 18 use double strand. Correct?

Yes, that’s the way it reads to me too. It’s curious because it looks like a straightforward striped sweater. Oh well, that’s what it seems to say.

Do rows 5 and 6 and 17 and 18 correspond with the color changes for the stripes?