What does this mean in directions

Instructions following a cast on row: 1st rib row KO,p1 to end

I understand that the K is knit but what does the 0 mean?

probably means to knit zero - is there sizing in the pattern? for example, some sizes might need you to knit, but your size does not require a knit stitch

I agree with @charlieknits. Usually the 0 means don’t do anything for that size.

It would help if you’d post a pattern link and the pattern name. If you can’t then don’t post the entire pattern, but you can type out the exact line that you’re having problems with.

Still confused! Yes, there is sizing in the pattern.
This is what is says in total: 1st rib row KO (1:0:1:0:1), p1, then k1,p1 to end.
I am knitting the 2nd to the end in parenthesis, so the 0, applies to me. What does it mean to knit zero in your message? Do I slip the stitch? What do I do with that first stitch? Or do I start with the first stitch as a purl?

It just means - Do nothing - the 0 is there as a placeholder - they have to put something there because they need to add stitches for the other sizes - so start with the p1

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