What does this line mean?

I’m working on Flat Ted from Zoe Mellor’s Knitted Toysbook. It’s the pink and white bear pictured on the cover. The pattern says:

110th row: P23, cast/bind off 1st, P23
111th row: On 23sts, k21, k2tog
112th row: P2tog, P20

On row 110, was I supposed to P23 then go back and bind them off and then P the last 23 stitches? I thought it meant to BO 1 and then continue to P the next 23, so that’s what I did, but it doesn’t make sense with the next line. I’m seriously confused here. :??

This is the teddy bear’s face, if that helps.

Thanks in advance!

No, you did right; you BO 1 st right in the middle. The next row you would be working on 23 sts only - k21, k2tog. My guess is you’ll just be working the 2 sides of the face separately. Later on, you’ll probably go back and work on the other half.

Even though it doesn’t say to put the other 23 sts on a stitch holder? I already have 10 sts on a stitch holder - 5 on either side of this center strip - that I assumed would be the side of the face. And the pattern told me to put them on a stitch holder.

Read ahead and see what you do with the other 23 sts.

It could be that you can leave them on the needle. If it gets inconvenient, then you can put them on a holder.