What does this hat need?

I made this for my daughter and need a way to mark it front and back. I tried adding more white to the forehead part but then it came down too far. Suggestions on what I can put on the front?
(Pardon her dirty face please)

Here is the final product with a flower. Thanks for the ideas!

A big, floppy knitted flower!

Like this!

Or, this!

Or, a crayon button! Like this!

I simply put a cute (matching to jacket) button on this hat!

If you’re a Raveler, HERE is a free pattern for a knitted flower! Cute!
AndHEREis another one! Free!

Yup, that’s what I was gonna say!

Duh, how could I have forgotten about flowers! Thanks!
(Off to knit a flower)

Plus, from my experience, having 8 granddaughters…
THEY JUST LOVE FLOWERS…the bigger the better!

Oh my…your little girl is sooo cute! A flower would be perfect!

What a cutie! And a flower would look adorable.

wowwww lovely hat for cute little girl …yea as said above a flower wud be best