What does the "-" in "slip 1, k-(-,17/19) mean

Actually title is my question: mother inlaw is a knitter…I am not…and she is stuck on meaning of direction she has never come across. There is a hyphen in her directions: “slip 1, k-(-,17/19)”…anyone know what it means?
thanks Shirley

At first I’d read it to mean 0 stitches for the first two sizes, but that doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense.

What is she making? What are the directions for the rows before and after? Is there a link to the pattern?

I’d think it meant skip this instruction for the first 2 sizes and go on to the next one. What comes after it?

I too think it might mean that there are no sts to work for the first two sizes, 17sts for the third size and 19sts for the forth size. Look at the beginning of the pattern where is gives the sizes that can be made and see if that is the format that is used [extra small(small, medium/large).