What does RH mean?

Hi again everyone. I finally got the decreasing for the waistline finished! Yahoo!

“Missy” pattern by Berroco. I’m finally working on the bodice and it says the following:

“Bodice Back (RS): K20 and sl these sts onto first holder for right front, bind off 3 sts, k until there are 36 sts on RH needle, sl last 23 sts onto second holder for left front.”

Does RH mean right hand?

Also, what is SSK and how do I do it?

Thank you so much for your help!

Tanya :lol:

RH=right hand


yup that’s the right hand needle and SSK is slip slip knit. Go to the abbreviations explained and scroll down to it…there is a video there! :thumbsup: easy peasy!!