What does "recenter round" mean when knitting a hat?

I’m hoping this is a simple thing to do. The pattern I am working on is a spiral rib hat. it has me K2 P2 for three rounds on a circluar needle. On the 4th round it says to end the round with K2 P1, then move the marker one stitch to the right, recenter round and repeat 1 through 4.

Does recenter round just mean to move the market to the one stitch I didn’t finish in the 4th row and then start with the patter there? So confusing!!!

It just means to move the marker for a new beginning to a round. You don’t need to worry about not finishing the row, the pattern stitch moves around too, and that last stitch gets knit. Knitting in the round is really knitting a spiral anyway. Do another 6 or 8 rows and you’ll see what’s going on.