What does "put up" mean?

I’ve often seen or heard the term “put up” used in terms of yarn, but I have no idea what it means. Can somebody please explain it to me? Thanks!

Can you put it in context? What sentence have you seen it in?

I’ve seen it used in terms of the hank/skein’s weight or yardage.

:shrug: balled or wound?

Yes, it is referring to the hank or skein. Example: The generous “put up” was sufficient for most projects. It is referring to the way yarn is put up for winding.

In high school, I worked in a craft shop where we did loom weaving. “Put Up” was also the term my boss used when I needed to make warps for her. And because you are “putting” the yarn/threads onto a wall mounted peg system, it was called “doing a warp Put Up”. HTH Mary

My mother used to “put up” jam (make it):teehee:

I’ve seen it used like “the put up is 10 50-gram balls per bag”: therefore it refers how it is packaged.

Pam replied:

“Put-up” is the yardage on a particular skein or hank.

[COLOR=red]Put-Up[/COLOR]: 430 yards
With the generous [COLOR=red]put-up[/COLOR], you’ll only need one skein…
Even though the skein feels light, I had to weigh it due to the large [COLOR=black][COLOR=red]put-up[/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=black].[/COLOR]