What does Pick Up mean?

This is part of a pattern for a cute pair of baby booties…what does pick up stitches mean? Does that mean to increase or make one?? :shrug:

Thanks so much!!! :muah:

Sides: Pick up 7 sts on right side of instep, K 11 sts of instep, pick up 7 sts on left side of instep, K11 sts to complete row - 47 sts. Work 9 rows in stocking stitch. ( It’ll be a little tight till you get a few rows up from the instep.)

I found the video!
Thanks anywho!!!

Picking up stitches allows you to create ‘live,’ knittable stitches along the edge of a knitted piece or section.

Look at the video in the Basic Techniques…more–scroll down.