What does pick up and purl mean?

I have never done picking up stitches… I saw the video on tht … and it seems like when i pick up stitches they look like knit stitch

My pattern says… pick up and purl 6 stitches…
what does this mean? while picking up shud i wind the thread as if to purl or first i shud pick up and then purl those stitches?

The video shows how you pick them up knitwise, and it’s the same to purl. To pick up purlwise (same as pick up and purl) turn the piece so the purl side is facing you, insert the needle from the back to front and wrap the yarn as if you were purling the stitch. ‘Pick up’ is lifting the edge st with your needle, ‘purl’ is when you wrap the yarn.

I just finished a hat where I had to pick up a rows of purl stitches. It is so much easier to do it with a crochet hook and then slide the stitches off the back of the hook on to your right needle.