What Does 'O' Mean in a Pattern? Thanks!

I received a pattern for a scarf and in the pattern there are many Os listed. For example, *K1, (P1, K1) twice; O, K4, sl 1, K2 tog, psso, K4, O. Repeat, etc. I know all of the abbreviations except the O!
If you can help, I would truly appreciate it!!!

I’ve never heard of that one. A lot of patterns have a list of the abbreviations used in the pattern right on the pattern so check for that.

Also - If you give us the name and or link to the pattern when asking questions it helps us help you.

I’d read it as a YO.

Thank you!!! I took it as Yarn Over as well, but the pattern has no name or link as it was handed down from my great grandmother! Also, it had no box with abbreviations and their descriptions, so I did a little scouring on the Internet and did find that O represents Yarn Over!
Thanks again for your help!

Yep, it’s YO. I use that myself when typing out patterns from a chart to text.