What does knit 45 stitches in st stitch mean


How do u knit 45 st in st st. Do u turn around to purl the backside?


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What is the name of your pattern? Can you quote just one or two rows of the pattern in the area of this instruction? Don’t give us large portions of the pattern however, due to copyrights.


This is a sweather pattern and Iam attempting to attach sleeves to body & shape raglan:
With RS facing you k45 from right front, workK1, P1 ribbing over 59sts from sleeve, pm, k84 from back, pm, work k1,P1 ribbing over 59 sts from other sleeve, pm, k45 from left front in St. St.
Work 1 row even.

I have done everything up to knit 45 in St st. Work 1 row even. How much is 1 row, is it 45 stitches or 292 stitches?
Do u knit 45st on the front and turn to the back and purl?


Can’t find my book with the name of the sweater pattern. I just have a page from the book


I would assume “st st” means stockinette stitch.


If the sweater is a cardigan, turn at the end of the left front’s 45sts and work back over all 292 sts. If it’s worked in stockinette stitich (knit on the front, purl on the back rows) then, yes, purl the next row. Possibly the k1,p1 rib over the sleeves
will be an exception and will be continued in ribbing. The photo should help you figure that out.