What does knit 1 in stockinette mean?

Hello! I’m trying to make mittens, and I am partway through the cuff. The pattern says:

Knit 1 row in stockinette, W&t

Am I right in thinking that you just knit one row? I am just confused because they could’ve just said knit one row instead of knit one row in stockinette. Also, the wrap and turn comes at the end and I don’t know how to do that. I have looked at multiple youtube videos, but they are all in the middle of the row and some of them show different methods to wrap and turn. Which is right?

This is the link to the pattern:

Thank you!

Because you are doing ribbing it just stays stockinette so you’ll know not to purl. Since you’re knitting in the round you just knit one row.

Also since you are knitting in the round your end of row/round is basically in the middle so whatever they tell you do for w&t is fine.

Thank you! That really clears up the knitting row. However, I’m still not sure if I understand the wrap and turn. I have just finished knitting the row, and I have all 26 stitches on one needle. How do you go about doing the wrap and turn?

As Jan mentioned, these mittens are knit in the round. (See General Considerations at the bottom of page 1 of the pattern.)You may have a beginning of round marker or you may use the tail from the cast on to show you the beginning of round.
You can work the mittens on double points or using magic loop but whatever method, follow the pattern for knitting in the round.
When you do that, it makes sense of the wrap&turn at the end of the round (row). Post back if you need help with the w&t or if the pattern is still giving problems.

Here’s a basic video for w&t

There are other ways of doing this (shadow wraps, German short rows) but this video used the wrap and turn.

One needle? Is there a cable? One needle sounds like you’re not knitting in the round…