What does K1, yfwd, K2 tog the yfwd and K1 of previous row mean?

Hi there,
I’m knitting a beanie but am confused a bitty the way this old pattern is written. I’d be grateful if anyone could shed some light on it.

“K1, yfwd, K2 tog the yfwd and K1 of previous row”

Thanks !:knitting:

Welcome to KH. A yfwd (yarn forward) creates a yo (yarn over). It looks like you had a yfwd on the previous row. Knit the yo it created together with the following knit stitch. It’s a k2 tog; the only difference is that one of the stitches you’re knitting together is a yo. HTH

Oh, oh I see! Gee that is great, thank you so much! :slight_smile:

I’m glad I could help. What are you making?

It’s a beanie for my mum’s 70th birthday, not grand for a 70th but it’s what she asked for :slight_smile:
I’m using merino wool in 3 graduated colours maroon to fuchsia.
Because there is no universal standard in pattern writing forums like this are really fabulous.
Thanks again :slight_smile: