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Hey everyone :wink: just discovered this site. My grandmother and aunts all knit. I remember so fondly their amazing talent and projects. They crocheted and sewed one of my aunts even took a Milner class and made all the hats for her daughters wedding!. Now that I‘m a Nonna I want to make things for my little granddaughters.

I have a question. What does “m1r then slip the marker and m1l in the same bar you just worked the mlr in”. ?? I understand how to m1r and I understand how to m1l but it’s the “in the same bar” that has me confused. Is there no stitch in between the m1r and the ‘m1l? If that is the case, when I try to find the bar on the m1r I just made, it’s really not easily distinguishable. I saw another video on how to m1r then m1l on a “lifted” increase but that one doesn’t work with bar at all but rather lifts a thread from the stitch on the left needle.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am stuck in row 2 :cry:

Oops that should have read “milliner”

When you do the M1R, the bar becomes a twisted loop. If you look carefully you should be able to pick up the leg that goes to the left and do a M1L. Yes, it will be tight and if you want it less tight you could do a yarn over on the previous row and then on the M1R M1L row, you treat the yarn over as the bar.


Thank you so much! Just what I needed.

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