What does it mean when

Upon finishing up all two projects I had going I am pacing around restless, sorting through what yarn I have, experiencing a slightly anxious feeling that I must start something new or I won’t know what to do with myself? Also logically finding this ridiculous because it still hasn’t been a year yet that I learned to knit.

Then what does it mean when later I do start a new project (and anxiety is instantly relieved) and decide to do some baby cable ribs, (a stitch pattern I had not yet used) and I quickly end up with such a cute result that I am filled with so much delight I can hardly stand it. I’ve done cables I’ve done some lace, I’ve made socks, and these little baby cables were so pleasing to me I started imagining everything I could use them on.

Dare I admit to a knitting addiction? An addiction where the fix is as simple as a few baby cable ribs??

There are worse things I suppose… xxx

I promise I won’t tell anyone that you are a knitting addict :wink: For I am too =D

Yes, like crack :teehee:

I get like this too–I get kind of crabby if I don’t have something to work on (my “fix”), and I find myself scrouging for money for yarn sometimes between paychecks, so I’d say that I am definitely an addict! :teehee:

Don’t be ashamed of your “addiction”, Amy–you are producing something beautiful and useful with your hands, and you’re learning! I took up knitting to learn how to knit and make things of course, but also as a productive way to utilize idle moments here and there so I wouldn’t feel guilty maybe sitting and doing something like watching television or just vegging out (I could be accomplishing something at the same time), so I don’t feel too guilty about when I’m knitting–even though I’m “just” sitting and knitting, I’m actively doing something (unless my knitting substitutes for my housework…then I feel bad :oops: )

Clearly, you need to keep more projects on the needles at all times. :teehee:

Clearly, you need to keep more projects on the needles at all times.

Ohhh! I get it now.

Why didn’t I think of that?? :shrug: