What does it mean "weave in the end"?

This simple instruction baffles me.

Does that mean it’s possible that I will have an end that if pulled will unravel?

Like my sock, I cast on with Long tail cast on, what do I do with the left over tail?

It’s a way to secure the end instead of making a knot. If you sew the end into some nearby sts, it won’t unravel. You can use a crochet hook too and pull it through the sts. So for your leftover tail, when you’re done with the sock, thread it through a few of the stitches. The video Duplicate Stitch Join on the Tips page under Joining a New Color Yarn shows how to weave in the ends.

Here’s another good page with info. I use this method rather than knitting it in because that seems to thick to me.


thank you both for the tips. I think I prefer the second option, weaving it in with the yarn needle.

And this is secure enough?

Now I can go hide all my tails - thanks again!

It is secure. You’re never at a risk of unraveling when you have tails hanging–you just have tails hanging, and that doesn’t work. If you cut them too short, [I]then[/I] you could unravel.

I tend to do more than some people suggest. I usually weave in (like in the link) for about 4 or 5 stitches, then I go back a couple stitches just under the purl and spit a few stitches before cutting.

Im going to try the 2nd link suggested by JanInCa,


I think it’s more up my alley.

I will be back hopefully with well hidden sock tails. :wink: