WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! I've become very frustrated!

I have knitted a few baby cardigans and cable knit blankets and sweaters. I wouldn’t call myself a beginner, but not an expert. I haven’t had too much trouble with patterns before, but I am currently working on knitting a yoke cardigan for my little girl and I completed the back piece. I am working on the left front piece and it says to work in stocking stitch end for 23 centimeters and end with a purl row. I did the purl row. Afterwards, it mentions the pattern. Easy-7 rows stocking st and then 5 rows garter stitch. Then it says ‘shape raglan armhole’ and says to cast off 2 stitches at the beginning of the next row (35 sts). Work 1 row. Keeping the pattern correct, dec at armhole edge in next and foll 4th rows 5 times in all, then in foll alt rows 9 times. Work 0 rows patt (21sts).

The problem here is that i dont understand fully if I start the pattern after it says shape raglan armhole and cast off the two stitches or after ‘keeping the pattern correct’. I already did it from the cast off 2 from shape the raglan armhole. I would prefer to know which way is correct. ALSO… I am casting the stitches off on the right side of the project but casting off on the beginning of the row. Since it is the left front, shouldn’t I be dec on the left side?! I would like more info on what it means after ‘keeping the pattern correct’ in detail. This is the big problem! I dont know what it means to dec in the next and foll alt rows, etc! Please explain this for me!!

I’ve been stuck for 2 days on this! I can’t find out what to do!

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What is the name of the pattern you’re making or can you copy and paste a link? Thanks for the photos/
It looks like the pattern stitch (stockinette plus garter rows) begins at the same time or immediately after the first bind off for the armholes. The bind offs at the beginning of the RS row for the left front are correct. It’s the left front as you would wear the sweater, not as you look at it.
Maintaining the pattern or keeping the pattern correct means to continue the pattern stitches (stockinwrrw and garter) even though you are decreasing on some rows.
The decrease occur on the next row, call it row 1 and on rows 5,9,13 and 17, Then decrease every other row, rows 19,21,23,25 etc. to 21 sts. Looks like these should be decreases of 1 stitch each time.

You’re knitting looks lovely but do you realize that you are twisting sts on a row either a knit or a purl? I could be by knitting into the back of a stitch or by wrapping the yarn clockwise around the new stitch.

You have no idea how much that I appreciate your help!! It’s nice to know that a place like this exists for help. Thank you for clearing it up about it looking like the other side (right and left). Just to clarify, I start counting as row one on the very first decrease when it says shape raglan armhole? It makes me happy to understand the whole dec foll alt rows now!! Thank you for the compliment. I probably have because of how many times I have unravelled and knit and unravelled again. Is there a way to tell which ones and where I twisted? I really am so thankful for your help!

Start counting dec rows with the “Keeping the pattern correct, dec at armhole edge in the next [call this row 1] and foll 4th …”. That’s after the “Shape raglan armhole” and the cast off of 2sts and after “Work 1 row.”
Happy to be able to help. We need your help too please. Would you delete the pattern scans in your last post? The ones in the first post are fine but we get into copyright problems if we post whole patterns or large portions of them.
I’ve tried to mark some of the twisted rows with a dot. It looks to be every other row.

Here’s a tutorial that better explains it. The twisted sts are lovely but you should just be aware of it when you use them

Thank you so much! I understand now. Thank you for the picture and tutorial!! I probably wouldn’t have know otherwise without you mentioning it. :slight_smile: