What does "inc in next st (front edge) mean?

I’m doing my first non-scarf project, which is a beautiful baby bolero. I finished the back (and think it looks pretty good!) but now I’m doing the front left panel. I’m a little lost.

I did the 21 st cast on and did 2 rows (st st)
Then, the pattern reads:

Next Row: Knit to last 2 sts, inc in next st (front edge), k1. Work 3 rows inc 1 st at front edge every row.

Ack! English please. I’m assuming this means I’m supposed to add a stitch between the last two stitches, but what does the “k1” after that refer to?

And when it says to increase at front edge of the remaining rows, does that mean I’m increasing at the beginning of the next row, the end of the next, and the beginning of the next?

HELP! Thanks. :wink:

(I’ve attached a picture of the finished product)

As for inc, see the ‘Increase’ section of Basic Tech above. Yes, inc every row.

The K1 simply means the final st is K. Thus, work to where you have 2 sts rem on ndl, do the inc in the first, then K the last.

Front edge is where the garment edges meet on the chest/tummy…the >< area…so your incs should create that shape.

Reminder, you’ll be reversing your shaping when doing the other side. If you were working them at the same time, perhaps on circs, you’d see the fronts shaping together (but in opposite directions).



Thank you so much!! I love this place. :notworthy:

Still have 2 questions:

When I look at the video of how to increase, i understand it. But do I put the additional stitch in between the two remaining sts on the ndl?

Also, am I always increasing at the END of the row? Or do I alternate end, beginning, end, beginning?

It depends how you make your increases but either a kfb or a M1 inc would end up between the last 2 sts.

You do the increase on the front edge of each row… so on the first row it’s at the end, the next row would be k1, inc, etc…


Got it!! Thanks again. :muah: