What does he need?

Hello all

I am at a cross roads…

I knit this bear for my sister…it is for a baby of a friend of hers…a boy…and I don’t know…I think he needs something but I don’t know what…

A bow?

A sweater?

Something else?

The pattern for the bear does have a sweater, however, with the yarn I used…any sweater I knit him won’t fit…so I will have to do some fiddling around…

what do you think?

Hi! :waving:

What a GREAT bear! :yay: I can see why a sweater won’t work. It’d be a shame to try to stuff all that gorgeous fluffiness into a sweater.

But what about a little neckscarf and beret? I could see him in those and they wouldn’t hide his fluff!

Anyway, hope this helps!

Happy knitting,
Ruthie :knitting:

I think a vest would be cute. He’s awfully cute, by the way. I forgot that the first time. hehe.

I voted a bow, but my idea was more along the lines of Ruthie’s suggestion…a bow tie and a hat. I was picturing a kind of top hat, but a beret would be good too.

Goodness - he’s gorgeous and adorable just the way he is !! I can see him with a small bowtie or scarf around his neck too. Remember if this is for a tot you don’t want anything he can pull off and potentially choke on.

He’s sooo cute. What yarn did you use? He looks fuller than the pattern bear wearing the sweater.

I think a vest would be adorable!

Oh My, he’s precious! I like the vest or neckscarf/beret ideas!

Oh my gosh, Crycket - he is just the cutest thing! He truely is way cuter then the original with the sweater.

Any of the ideas are good - But I do love him just as he is.

As far as I can see the only thing he needs is a little kid’s arms around him.

I think he looks adorable the way he is! :slight_smile:

lol – before looking at everyone else’s posts I thought a vest would be a nice addition – great minds think alike! I do like him “just the way he is”, too.

That is really sweet…

See…this is why I love it here…I would have never thought of a scarf, or vest…sometimes you just get tunnel vision…

It is Red Heart Plush…I don’t know if they make it anymore…but I picked up a bunch of it at Mary Maxim for like $2 a ball…mainly cause it was cheap…the right teddy bear colour…and it makes amazing stuffed toys…I have finished a few with this yarn…

Namely a Elizabeth/Heidi bear, and a Robert Bear

I don’t mind knitting with it…but it is a royal pain in the butt to sew projects up with…I think the next one I do, I will sew the pieces together with a little bit of matching embroidery floss…the yarn just fluffs apart when you are pulling the needle though…

He’s fantastic the way he is! I agree with Mason, all he is missing is two chubby little arms around him!


How about a little waistcoat? It would be easier to put on and take off :mrgreen:

Would love to see him, can you post a picture instead of a link?

He is so cute… I was thinking a scarf.

Good job, I know what ever you do, the child who gets this bear will love it.

He is beautiful and looks great as he is, but I think the addition of a little scarf or vest would be very cute.

Wow, great job! I think he’s fabulous just the way he is!