What does 'first st of c2 over 1 right p' mean?

See question in title.

Similarly, what does ‘last st of c2 over 1 right p’ mean?

I’m new to knitting in general, but was getting along fine in the pattern with cabling until these two instructions.

Thank you!

What pattern are you following? Can you also quote just the single line with these instructions, please?
Look at the beginning and end of your pattern and see if the list of abbreviations is of any help.

This is probably a cable stitch pattern. I’m thinking that there may be more to the instructions. Perhaps there is an explanation in a glossary for the stitch pattern? I think it means " purl the first stitch of the cable 2 stitches over just one stitch leaning right." Have you made a cable pattern where you have 2 stitches that have crossed over one stitch? Can you quote more of the pattern? Did you find a glossary of the stitch patterns in the pattern?