What does "Divide for back" mean?

My first attempt at reading a pattern turned into a beautiful beanie…
impressed with my first attempt…I am now knitting my first jumper. I am not sure of some of the instructions though.

After shaping the armholes and at 51 stitches, it says:
Divide for back opening - 1st row - K28, turn, Cont on these 28sts
2nd row - K5, purl to end

What does divide for back opening mean…I am knitting the back
Why am I only knitting 28 of the 51 stitches that I have and what do I do with the remaining 23?
Does the “purl to end” mean that I am going all the way to the end or does the “Cont on these 28” mean that I don’t touch them?

I am so confused. Any assistance would be great.

It looks like you’re creating a slit in the back. You’re working half of the back at a time. So, yes, just work on those 28. It looks like they’ll be a garter border at the slit and the rest is worked in stockinette stitch.

If I just want a flat back jumper…will it matter too much if I don’t do it and just continue on in stocking for the total number of rows?

As long as you think the hole in the top will be big enough for a head, you can do it without the slit.

Thankyou. I finally understand what it is actually for!
Its a V neck so it should be fine for a head to go through.
I still don’t understand how it will all look though. Wouldnt it be off to one side?
Thankyou so much for replying. I was having a little bit of a stress.

Obviously, I don’t have the pattern (or is there a link to it? or what book is if from?) but I suspect that you don’t divide evenly on the back so one flap of the back will overlap the other.

I agree, though, that if it’s a V neck, you shouldn’t have any problem just knitting it flat. I wonder why they put it in there, though. :thinking:

Its from a book called Patons Classic Baby Knits. It covers all sorts of sizes so if you had a really little one you can put on the jumper and then do up a button at the back.
Not in my family though. We have the tall gene and this 14 month old (nephew) is going to be a biggy.

Before I found this site I hadn’t dreamed of knitting anything but scarves. Thanks again for being so helpful. Knowing there are other people started, and knowing that there are people who have been doing it a while that are patient enough to help us out is a real comfort. Means you can take that big breath and go for it.

:thumbsup: We love to help, and there’s almost always someone around.