What does Check (row 1) mean in the following pattern

I am knitting a sweater and am on the first ‘Short Row 1’ after the ‘set up round’. In that Short row 1 there is a 'Check ( Row 1) instruction between the two Cable Markers 'C2 and C3.
Similarly in Short Row 2 there is a 'Check ( Row 2) between the same two cable Markers.
And I don’t know what that means:

The Knitting instructions are:

Set up round (make increases and place 4 raglan markers and 4 cable markers): Rib 5 (beginning with p), p1, pm C2, kA, m1l, kB, pm C3, p1, Rib 5 (beginning with p), pm X, k11, pm Y, Rib 5 (beginning with p), k3, m1l, k1, p1, pm C6, k6, m1l, kC, m1l, kC, m1l, k5, pm C7, p1, k1, m1l, k3, Rib 5 (beginning with p), pm Z, k11. (6 sts inc’d)

Short Row Neck Shaping - worked back and forth

Short row 1 (RS): Rib 5, m1l, p1, sm C2, Check (row 1) to C3, sm, p1, m1r, Rib 5, sm X, p1, TW, yo. (2 sts inc’d)
Short row 2 (WS): k1, sm X, Rib 5, p1, k1, sm C3, Check (row 2) to C2, sm, k1, p1, Rib 5, sm BOR, k1, TW, yo.

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What pattern are you making? A name or a link to the pattern page will help.
I wonder if it’s “chart (row 1)” rather than “check (row 1)”? Is there a chart with the pattern?

Thanks for a quick response. The knitting pattern is http://www.ravelry.com/projects/piratenkoenigin/catch-of-the-day
But because I purchased it the details of the pattern are in a PDF that I have on my laptop.
This is for the short rows for neck shaping if that helps.

I don’t think it is chart 1 because there is another pattern between the raglan markers that she calls 'Moss ’

Do you think it could be ‘check stitch’ and ‘Moss Stitch’ It seems the Check Stitch has 4 rows she alternates through?

Additionally she has the following note:
NOTE: You have established Check patt between markers C2 & C3, and Moss patt between markers X & Y, and
between markers Z & BOR. Continue in est patts.

Yes, you’ve got it. Moss is definitely moss stitch and so it makes sense that Check is check stitch, especially if there’s a 4 row check pattern provided.

Oh geeze I just figured it out - must be tired. She actually has the patterns for the ‘Check’ Moss etc on the first page of the pattern. It really doesn’t flow well as a pattern but I think it may be an ‘international’ thing as she is from somewhere other than the USA where I am from.

Thanks you so much for your help.