What does an eight year old boy like these days?

Some of you may have seen my earlier posts when i talked about my brother and his partner trying to adopt.
Well, and i don’t want to say this too loudly, it looks like they may have succeded!! :woohoo:

They had a succesful final interview for a pair of brothers aged 4 and 8 (or 5 and 8, there may have been a recent birthday) and are now working their way through the beauracracy and paperwork of adopting kids from another county council. Fingers crossed, the boys should be having there fist long stay (as opposed to just day visits) in October and will be movig in before Christmas.

I would love to get or make the boys some sort of gift to say welcome to the family but i have no diea what. My experience with childeren is virtually non-existant and i just don’t know what sort of thing a 5 year old and an 8 or 9 year old would like. All i know about them is that they both like the colour red and are mad football (soccer) fans, their names, that they have been in care with one foster mum for 4 years and have red hair. what do young boys like these days?

What can i get for/ make them that says ‘welcome to the family, i hope you are happy with us, but dont expect treats and gifts all the time!’

Hi Tarantella ,
what great news ! I am so happy for them :slight_smile:
My son is nearly 8 and he is mad at Dr who stuff and Starwars . There is also power ranger stuff and transformer toys . Bionicles is also another one .
All these do toy figures and games . If you do not know what they like apart from football then maybe get them a football . If you know what team they support you could get them one with the team logo on .

Good luck :slight_smile:

Oh how exciting! Congratulations to your brother and his partner. :cheering: (Fingers crossed Crossed Fingersthat it all works out!).

Good luck to them in handling the [I]additional[/I] challenge of not just one but two older children.

Anyway, I have to agree with Bionicles and Legos being quite popular among that age range. Bionicles are based on lego technics, there are movies and books that go with the toys–Lego made the bionicles and created a whole series of stories to go with them. In this high tech era some boys still like to play with cars. I think Pokeman is still big but is not my first choice. If they like soccer perhaps a soccer ball to kick around at their new home? Or books about soccer? Having their parents read a good book to them might be just the thing. Harry Potter is still really popular with the younger set-- at least it is here, and perhaps they can relate to his plight of being an orphan. But a book store could recommend other good children’s books as well.

As the aunt, perhaps you should knit them some nice easy care raglan sweaters. It’s practical and does not overly spoil them. Actually any items of clothing might be useful and appreciated. Most boys don’t say so but they do like new clothes.

Maybe you could do a little research into something they would have had in the country they are from…their favorite soccer team or something. Also, a nice warm blanket or sweaters would be very good and I totally agree on all of the above toys. I babysit a 10 yo and he has been into all of that sice he was 6. lol I keep hitting on the idea of something that makes their new home seem cozy and not so far away from their old home. Something to lessen the culture shock. If you knit them something just try to be sure they aren’t matching. If I know anything about boys it’s that they don’t want to “look dorky” and that is a sure way to make them feel strange. lol

GL to your family. I hope the boys do well. They are lucky to be taken in by people who have worked so hard to get them.

thanks for your help and suggestions

i had a look in a local book shopa nd saw a few books of poetry for children for kids which i thought might be good. I remember that one of my favourite books when i was growing up was a book of funny poems so would like to pass that on.

I think im going to avoid anything football related. I happen to know they are Swansea fans (their home town) and there is a bit of a chequered history between that club and the local clubs of where they are moving to (plus i am a Liverpool fan, so would be loathed to buy them things for another team hehehe) so i don’t want to cause arguements!

With books and things, i know every shild is different but how smart should i expect a 4 or 5 year old to be. things i have seen that are aimed at that age group all seem overly easy or babyish to me, but i dont know if maybe i am expecting a bit much!

Do you live nearby? TAKE them to a small toy store, a mega store sometimes overloads kids who aren’t used to all the stuff some kids take for normal. Set a limit, and let them choose.

If it’s a book go with your gut. If it is too advanced for him then his new parents can help him! Instant Bonding!

But you may be expecting too much. On the other hand, there is an organization that is trying to “grade” all books and make classifications for each Age as though how many years you have lived are the only determinant to how well you can read and comprehend backs away from the soap box anyway, a four or five year old will only know what others have helped him know and that will determine his reading ability because you can’t teach yourself to read and it doesn’t come natural to people like speach does.

I have a 6 and 9 year old although the 6 year old is a girl instead of a boy. I completely agree with the Legos idea for both boys. My son and daughter both love them. As far as the poetry goes, you are right the humorous poetry tends to be liked by a lot of kids, and a lot of children who come from situations where foster care is needed tend to have shorter attention spans so poems work well for that as well. Some good ones are Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky. A 4 or 5 year old shouldn’t be able to read for himself yet though. Both my kids love it when I knit for them. Since you know what their favorite color is you could make them hats, mittens, and a scarf since they will be coming to the family for good during winter.

I have a 4 year old son and he just LOVES trains, especially Thomas the Tank engine. Maybe a train set, like a pack of tracks and a couple trains? For an 8 year old, not quite sure, I don’t know if boys still like trains by that age…lol…What about baking a cake? I know it’s nothing they could keep, but, I don’t think they’d expect a cake from you every time they saw you and it would be a great welcoming treat!

And congrats to your brother and his partner, that’s wonderful news!!

For an 8 year old, not quite sure, I don’t know if boys still like trains by that age.

My son who is 13 still loves trains, has since the age of 2, but he is a bit unique in that respect…his summer project has been building an N scale model train. No one else his age likes trains.

Anyway Thomas and Brio Trains are great for 4-5 and an older brother might like them a bit as well.

As for early readers the [U]Biscuit[/U] books are good for beginners, they are about a puppy named Biscuit. I adore the [U]Henry and Mudge[/U] Books. The 8 year old should be able to read them but the smaller boy would enjoy listening as well.