What does a dash mean in pattern?

Ok, I am going to take the leap and start a sweater soon. :woohoo: I have been reading the instructions in the pattern but I am going to be stuck when I get to this in the SHAPING the ARMHOLE part-

" At the beg of each of the next 4 rows bind off 5(6-7-8) sts[COLOR=“Red”]- 59 (65-71-77) sts." [/COLOR]

The red part I don’t understand (the dash). Does the dash mean ‘through’? That doesn’t make any sense. It is the top back panel of a sweater pattern where you start to shape armholes. I drew it out but don’t understand. Please help!!! I need some translation!! THANKS!!

Hi there - no, the numbers there indicate how many stitches to bind off depending on the size of the garment you’re making and then I’m GUESSING that the red numbers are the number of stiches you’d be left with?
I’m still very much a novice though so I’d wait for some more replies before listening to me in too much detail!

The dash is just seperating out the sizes. So like the first number is small, then in the parenthesis is medium - large- exlarge. so you knit the number of stitches for whatever size you are knitting. Does that make sense? :??

Here is what I should’ve typed

“At the beg of the next 4 rows, bind off 7 sts[COLOR=“Red”]-71 sts.”[/COLOR]

OK, what does that mean after you bind off 7 sts? (The amount of sts on the whole piece is 99. ANy ideas?

the 71st is just how many stitches you will be left with after beinging off 7 stitches at the begining of the next f rows. the dash is just a badly used punctuation mark.

So you have 99 on your needles, next row you bind of 7st then knit (or purl depending on what row you are on) to the end and you are left with 92st on your needles. The next row you do the same taking you to 85st, then again taking you down to 78 and then the fourth repeat leaving you with 71 stitches on your needles.

I think that makes sense now! Thank you so much for taking the time, all of you, for trying to help a girl out :):cheering: