What does 4P1 row mean

Doing ruffles on a scarf and the directions read
K2, M1 accross to last 2sts. K2
4P1 row
K2, M1 accrose to last 2. K2
P1 row

Any thoughts on what 4P1 row is?

What pattern are you using?
See if the pattern defines 4P either at the beginning of the instructions or at the end. It might just be purl one row…

no, it doesn’t say. It is the Rayon Boucle Neck warmer by Margaret Maney. Its on yarn.com

I am confused wondering if its to p 4 rows you think?

Cute scarf! I think it’s a misprint, intended to be P1 row like the other alternate rows.

ok.will try just purling that one row!