What do you wash with?

Hi! I was wondering what you like to wash your FO with? Do you like the no-rinse products or ?? :heart:

I always use ALL. if it’s for my kids, i add some fabric softener, if it’s charity, i just use ALL Free and Clear (no perfumes, dyes, and it works as well as the ALL)… on the cold/cold gentle fast cycle.

i also either put it in a pillow case and tie the end closed for larger items or one of the lingerie bags if it’s something small.

I use Eucalan. I like it because you don’t have to rinse and thus, you don’t have to do much wringing.

Well, since I haven’t made anything that is wool I just toss them in the washer with Tide and Downy. Then into the dryer they go. :teehee:

I use Unicorn Fibre Wash and Rinse. Man o man. It can really clean the yarn, without being harsh! I highly recommend it.
It really did a great job of softening the Tahki Donegal Tweed, and also removed the excess dye, which I think contributed to the scratchy feel of the tweed. You wouldn’t visually notice the excess dye being gone …but [U]the feel[/U] of the sweater was incredible after the wash and rinse. (my daughter’s Central Park Hoodie)


Saw it advertised in a magazine I subscribe to: “Wild Fibers”.
I haven’t used anything else since!

Trust ArtLady for the wool. She’s a smart one. :wink:

I have been using Woolite for 30 years and my wool and other sweaters have held up beautifully.

I use Eucalan, and I like it alot, I picked up some small packages of SOAK, but have to wait for a FO to try it. I did “sniff” some of the samples, and they smell great. The no rinse factor makes handwashing so much easier.

I don’t have any FOs yet to wash, but my mom told me to use Woolite when I started college for anything that I wanted to get clean, but be gentle with. I bought a cashmere blend sweater when I lived in the UK and only ever washed it with Woolite. I have been very very pleased with the results from Woolite. They now also make a “Woolite for Darks” which is supposed to help preserve the darker, richer colors longer.:thumbsup: