What do you use to block, what method?

I have yet to do anything that requires blocking, just been doing scarfs, accessories. I saw this Sew E-Z board (I am also starting to quilt) but the description of the board said that you can iron on it, cut on it, and the back has padding so you can block on it also. Wondering if any of you are familiar with this or if you use another tool/method to block.

Also do you spray it down, or dip it in water, what?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

I bought one of these to block doiles on but haven’t blocked any yet. I used a 50% off coupon and only paid $8.49 from JoAnn’s.
The other day a friend used it and my new steamer to block a beautiful Christmas stocking (she used like 6 different colors). With her stocking she just steamed it enough to be able to push it down and smooth it out with her fingers (didn’t actually touch the stocking with the steamer). I can’t wait to use it myself though.

The other day I blocked a shawl but had to put down a sheet and pin it into the carpet. I used shampoo to wash it in the bathtub, then conditioner, rolled it between some beach towels to get the excess water out and used lots of pins.