What do you think?

Ok so I have been looking for a baby blanket pattern that would be a fun project and haven’t seen anything that really did it for me so I decided to create my own I am thinking of using the twin leaf lace "pattern??"from The Knitters Bible and the yarn I will be using is Sirdar snuggly in seafoam green I will probably hold 2 strands together .What do you guys think I added a picture of a swatch with different yarn I like everything about it except the bind off edge I am thinking if I use a crochet hook to bind off it will look better I tried to bind off in pattern but it doesn’t look like it.Is there a way to bind off in lace patterns and incorporate the yo’s??

It’s a lovely pattern & I’m sure will be treasured by the recipient! :cheering:

Why not use a garter stitch or seed stitch border of 5 rows/stitches around the entire blanket to keep it from curling & to eliminate the “bind off” problem?


Why didn’t I think of that???Thanks! :hug:

P.S. I would use one of the “plain vanilla” yarns (i.e. not variegated or with slubs of other colors) in order to showcase the lovely pattern.


I love that pattern. I made a couple of scarves in that pattern.
I agree with dplantlady use a light, simple color. It will work better and be prepared to block.

Nadja xxx

What a beautiful pattern! :inlove:

ditto!!! :inlove:

i am not much for complicated cabling and lacy patterns just because my attention span is zilch and they are a lot of work in the " you have to pay attention" category…but i LOVE that pattern. i have a throw i want to make and i was going to do feather and fan because i already have that pattern memorized.

it is likely also the reason why the yarn is still sitting untouched. that is gorgeous. i may have to look for something like that instead! :heart:

ditto!!! :inlove:[/quote]

Thanks everyone :muah: the pattern is only a repeat of 6 rows so it is not too hard the yarn I chose is seafoam green (a pale blue green) I am going to do a garter stitch border as suggested so I hope it turns out I will post pictures as I go.WOW!!! my yarn just came ,I just ordered it Wednesday from The Naked Sheep and the shipping was free I can’t believe it is already here!!!

ok one more question .Double strand and single strand??

it depends on how fine your yarn is but i think if you go double you are going to lose the prettiness of the pattern.

It is dk weight.

why not do the same sized swatch double stranded and see what you think? :shrug:

Oh, that’s going to be beautiful! :heart:

ok I am off I did decide to double strand but I think it still looks ok the color on my camera is terrible it is seafoam green


and it’ll be nice & snuggly, too
YOU GO, GIRL :cheering: