What do you think this is telling me to do

I’m working on a matinee jacket in a 0-3mo size.

I’m at the sleeves…I started with 23 stitches on my needle and did 4 row in garter. I then did 2 rows in seed stitch. The rest of the sleeve will be done in seed stitch.


Using size 6 needels, cast on 23 sts.
Work 4 rows in garter st.
1st row (WS): K1, *p1, K1; rep from *to end.
1st row repeated forms the seed stitch.

The part that I’m not sure what it’s telling me is next:

Cont in seed st inc 1 st at each of next row and every foll 4th row to 37 sts.

I was thinking that this meant increase one stitch at the end of the very next row, row 7 and the each 4th row. I need to cont in seed stitch until it is 4 3/4 inches. If I only increase every 4th row, I wont get to 37 stitches for 6 ro 7 inches…

I do feel like I’m an accomplished knitter, just confused on the wording of this pattern.

What do you think?

Thanks for your help.


The patten says to increase at [B]each[/B] end of the next and every 4th row, so that’s 2 sts per inc row.

So to clarify, I’m inc 2 sts only on every 4th row, not every row correct?

Yes, you inc on the next row, then every 4th row after that. “Every foll 4th row” means every 4th row after.