What do you think of this bag?

I found this bag on a site someone posted here. At first I thought…“NO WAY”…then the more I looked at it the more I got to like it. What do you all think? Isn’t it very "unusual??


Definitely unusual. What colors are you thinking? IMHO, a different color combination and I would probably move from ‘unusual’ to ‘pretty cool!’

Wow! I actually love it just as is. That’s a bag I would proudly carry anywhere.

Ooh I like that too! Nice looking bag =D

The bag itself is ok, but IMO, it would be better without the flowers, and I personally don’t like that type of purse handle AT ALL. That’s just a preference though. I really like the colors it’s knit up with.

At first I thought, “Yuck!” Then the I saw the second picture and thought that maybe it wasn’t too bad. :wink: so I guess the flowers are the yuck factor. Maybe Horve is right, a different colored flower might be better?

i completely dig on it…i would have to do pretty much the whole thing in different colors though I think cuz i like to work with more vibrant colors. I just can’t figure out a good way to shape it after it is felted.

Not my cup of tea, but it is pretty!

The flowers would have to go but I like the purse.

I love it! If I had the skill I would make it. But I am not there yet!

BTW, I am not completely clear on the purse handle attachments. Instructions say to knit in garter stitch a 7 1/2 inch by 3 inch rectangle, felt it, then use it to attach/sew handles to bag. That just doesn’t give much detail, does it?

And when a pattern says “sew” in this case, do they mean by sewing machine?

LOL, I feel the same way as some of you…didn’t like it at all when I 1st looked at it, but now I do…it grows on you apparently :wink:

well basically if you look at most of the purse handles you would buy they all have a slot to use for sewing on. what they have just had you do in that instruction is make the tab for holding the handle on. I would be inclined to just hand stitch it on because trying to do it with a sewing machine would be too akward for me.

Too bad those of us that like the bag were not “brave” enough :? to have a "Knit Along!! :happydance: I’m not sure that I have the abilities to knit it either. I’ll have to read thru the instructions again closely. I know how to do an I cord and I actually enjoy doing that. :XX:

Plus it looks like the yarns to make it won’t even be available until the Fall of this year. :??

eh…you can use any ol’ yarn that felts! if someone had showed me a pic without the website or the instructions I would have thought it was noro.

i am being forced to go to an LYS this weekend (seriously forced…they have limited yarn though it is nice even though there is a lot of novelty yarn and i have better selections at my LYS :rollseyes: ) where there is a sale so maybe i will find some pretties that will work. I think i will change up the flower though. i wouldn’t want it without some sort of embellishment …just looks strange without it to me. but i will likely use one of Nikki Epstein’s flowers since the instructions on that site don’t make sense to me really.

btw…we are going to the LYS because my mother is excited that they are having an ice cream social this weekend! :rofling: