What do you think of these?

I found these shoes yesterday and I really want to buy them. I knit socks and I think that they would be really cool to show off my socks. DH thinks that are so ugly. What do you think?


i have some i bought from payless in black and a baby blue pair. i love them (my dh thinks they are ugly too:teehee:) they are sooo comfy! i just dont wear them w/o socks cause my feet get too sweaty in them, even with the air holes:shifty:

While they aren’t my style (I don’t like the crocs either), if you like them, then you should get them.

Those shoes rock! But I dig “ugly” shoes. The uglier they are on the rack, the cooler they are on the feet.

I love them, but I love my crocs too

Yes, they would show off your socks. If you really like them, you should get them. Your DH won’t care five minutes after you have them on. You know how men are. :wink:

I don’t care for clogs, myself. The kind that were around when I was a kid made people’s feet smell very, very bad. That’s probably not an issue now. :slight_smile:

i wear my crocs almost every day if i can get by with it. i love that i can throw them in the washing machine to clean them too! (some say dishwasher but that grosses me out)

i don’t know that my crocs would show off socks all that well though. i e-mailed them to suggest they try making a clear pair, but i don’t suppose the materials would lend to it all that well.

Thanks eveyone. I am ordering them tonight. :happydancing:

I can wait to wear them.