What do you think of Lion Brand Landscapes?

It’s 50% wool, 50% acrylic and felts in the wash. I was thinking of using it instead of doubled worsted for Fibertrends felted clogs, and/or maybe giving my dd a couple of balls of it to knit up a scarf. She is 7 and just learning to knit.

But when I think about it, it seems kinda expensive! I got it on sale at JoAnn ($3.87 a ball, 55 yds/ball) this week, plus got another 20% off…so about $3.10 for 55 yards. Isn’t that a lot, even so? This stuff is normally $6 a ball, too.

Anyway can’t decide if I’ll keep it or not, it’s pretty though, with the variegated colors, and I thought it might make nice clogs. Tell me what you think! I just spent $30 on this yarn and am having a little bit of buyer’s regret. Thinking how far that would have gone at Knitpicks.

i love the colorways, and it knits up nicely, but it shreds when you sew seams up with it

if you can still return it, that might not be a bad idea, IMHO

I bought some too, same sale - enough just to make two sets of gloveless mitts…so what you are saying is I better do em in the round, eh???

I hate to say it, but it will not work for clogs. It says on the label that it felts, but it really doesn’t. :??

It’s only 50% wool, so I guess that’s why. I bought about 5 balls of it in my newbie days before realizing that you need much more wool content for something to felt correctly. I did a test swatch and “felted” it and it really did nothing but get fuzzy. The balls have been sitting in my stash ever since and looking at them just makes me angry.

Argh, how frustrating. Well, I will put it the receipt in the bag with it. I definitely can return it. I really do appreciate the input and am glad I asked.

I got a few balls of it to make a scarf. I love the colors! I’ve been knitting and frogging continually though and the strands are coming a bit untwisted. Otherwise, it’s fine to knit with. It sounds like it’s not a good idea for what you want to make though.

generally if you want to felt you want your yarn to be about 80% natural fiber. so it may felt but it will likely take a while and will probably not felt completely.

i bought a bunch of it when it was on sale and i am sure i will use it but as i was winding a ball of it, i found that i didn’t much like the feel of it. i will find some use for it though! :wink:

Ooooh, don’t even try felting with it. I went through the whole ordeal of making a hobo-style little bag out of it, then tried to “felt” it. No. NO!!
It isn’t felted. It sort of looks like it flew out the car window into a puddle and got run over by 50 trucks. Worn-looking, yes. Fuzzy? Oh my, yes. Felted? Not in the least.

BUT. I have used it to make a guy’s double-knit scarf and it was fine for that.

I figure 12 bucks for two pairs of finger warmers is ok for my Christmas budget - I will keep it I think.