What do you think: my hat & how to finish the top?

This yarn is the most expensive I ever bought, $28 for a skein. It’s handdyed from Italy, Pierrot Madil, and soooo pretty I didn’t use it for ages.
Anyhow, I started out thinking I was making a beret from a pattern out of E.Zimmerman’s book, then decided that would be a waste and now I want more of a “bucket” type hat. Straight up and flat on the top.

I looked through pattern central and didn’t see any. I figure I shouldn’t decrease as much as you would with a ummmm, the regular rounded type hat. It’s tricky. I think also I’ll have to block it. Any advice???

:thinking: Esp re closing the top?


Ewwwww, I just found this picture and that’s what I want the top to look like. Still haven’t found a pattern like this but I’m sure it’s gotta be lurking around somewhere. This picture is from 2003 so I’m not bothering to contact her.

But it’s a nice hat!


try getting a basic circle pattern and then kinda like going backwards from it?

Or if all else fails, the lady in the blog u posted about used one of these patterns:


Maybe find a pattern for a beret/tam as a model? :thinking: That might be flatter…but I’m not sure, I haven’t tried one.

Yeah… I like that bucket hat pattern but don’t really want to buy it just now.

Ummm, I think using the beret pattern just for the top closing might work well! Going back to EZ’s book to look at that.