What do you refuse to knit?

I like the never say never thing…there are so many techniques to learn, and every project has the potential of posing a new challenge!

I hate wrapped short rows! I will avoid them whenever possible. Of course though…I love knitting socks…so the odd pattern now and then crops up and I have some wrapped short row heels to contend with…

I don’t care to knit anything that doesn’t serve some sort of purpose. This is going to sound strange and possibly hypocritical, but I don’t think I could ever knit a veggie, or cupcake. They are completely useless. I suppose they could fall under the catagory of “decoration”

To date, the only thing that has lured me in and TEMPTED me to knit it, was a garlic…http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/garlic but even then…

I say that is hypocritical cause I love knitting Teddy Bears, which esscentially do the same thing…sit around being pretty…but at least they have a face! Something cute to lure you in…shrugs

I’m with ya on the wrap short rows, so I change those heels to Sherman Short Rows, no wraps, no holes :happydance: (although if you wrap twice sometimes that will help with the holes)

I did not think I would ever knit a CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATION, but … that is the item to be knitted for my Spinning Club November meeting. I have found a pattern for a Xmas pudding that is not too yuk!

I don’t do chevrons. This started with the Jaywalker socks and I positively refuse to knit them. I’ll do cables, lace, anything else you put in front of me, but chevrons.

I won’t ever knit a poncho because I don’t need to look like a sack of potatoes.

I believe everything else is fair game. :smiley:

yeah, i’m with you on the ‘body parts’ —eewwww! linknit41

I wont knit blankets. At all. It is just sooo much work and I never really liked the look or feel of knitted or crocheted blanket. I also have a love of quilting (it can be so hard to find time for two such time consuming hobbies), and I prefer the feel and weight of a quilt. I much prefer to knit small clothing items.
I also won’t knit pillow covers for similar reasons.
I’m to skittish to knit toys either.

Interesting thread. I haven’t really thought about it. I do know that I have the smelly dish cloths as part of an exchange and thanks for getting rid of the smell ideas. I don’t like knitted body parts but I can honestly say I don’t have a I don’t knit yet. I don’t want to say I wouldn’t knit something because a grandchild might come along and I would break that I don’t knit it.:slight_smile:

Ah, Yes! Like *Alastor (Mad-Eye) Moody, sometimes you just have to “wash your eyeballs.”

Like Jan in CA, I would [I]probably [/I]never knit body parts nor cozies for them.

As for thongs, I’ve never before felt any need to floss my buttocks nor believe that I ever shall.

*Alastor (Mad-Eye) Moody is a character from the Harry Potter series by JKRowling.
[SIZE=“1”]Mad-Eye is noted for his paranoia and his prosthetic, magical eye that can spin around in the eye-socket or be removed for cleaning. It becomes evident that this eye is able to see through things, including his own head.[/SIZE]

What an interesting thread this has been. In some cases I completely agree and in others I’m surprise that people won’t knit certain ways or certain things. Quite interesting. :thumbsup:

Mad-Eyes eye was creepy! :zombie:

Lace and socks.
Though I recently saw a sock pattern that might change my mind.
I’m not a fan of really small yarn though.
Bulky and super bulky yarns are my weakness.

I wouldn’t knit thongs or anything like that or intarsia… yuck! I love Fair Isle, but not intarsia

I have to agree with the others who said: I will never knit body parts, or cozies for body parts. Ick. Or icky sexual things. Double-ick.

But aside from those things, I’ve also learned to never say never. When I started knitting, I thought I hated cables…love 'em now. I thought lace was too hard…now it’s one of my favorite things. Food…I’m planning on making a bunch for my kiddos; it won’t break or make a lot of noise when they throw it against the playroom wall(don’t ask my why they do that to their toys, 'cause I don’t know).

I haven’t yet made anything with fair-isle, intarsia or entrelac, but that’s just because I haven’t yet found a design that I loved enough to learn those techniques.

Dish cloths. I don’t need more things to wash and I’d expect they would get gross really fast.:teehee:

I use mine for my cast iron, which means no soap. They really don’t get that bad.
The colors were selected with this in mind, I’m sure they would look terrible if they were white.

After I’m done doing a pan I wash it out with a little dish soap. Toss into the washer whenever I think of it and grab a clean one.

The food safety experts say you should never use a sponge on your kitchen counters because they hold bacteria. Well the same hold for dishcloths. So they say to change them out every day and toss the dirty ones in the laundry. I like the dishwasher suggestion too, but wonder about the caustic (corrosive) detergent used and how it would affect the fibers in the dishcloth.

I don’t see the appeal of wearing knitted or crocheted swim wear. Well, I do see the appeal of seeing the same on the attractive models they use for the pictures, but I never meet models. :slight_smile:

But I guess I wouldn’t say I’d never knit bikini briefs for my wife. The fitting sessions could be (shall we say) interesting. :slight_smile:

It’s sweaters for me. I have started SO many and never finished one. I lose interest very quickly.

Very interesting thread…

I can’t say NEVER but more than probable on the body parts. ick is right. Food - no use for it in my house but they are neat to look at. I’ve only done 2 scarves and I didn’t even learn with them. The first one I did just last year and it was so very boring the 2nd I finished last month was much more interesting that I made a hat to go with it.

I haven’t made a throw or shawl but I would like to. I have a throw in progress (for 2 months already) and I don’t think it will be done by Christmas.

Luckily I don’t have a real need for sweaters here and really wouldn’t make one for a relative without them asking first - need measurements - although I did make the CPH this year for myself and would love it more if it didn’t have gorilla arms (too long) and a humped back (too short).

I will give everything a try once at some time in my knitting life although it may take me awhile to get to them all.

I just started a mini sweater from KP Tidings of Joy. I’m looking forward to the finished product.


[COLOR=magenta]If you know and love a breast cancer survivor you just might knit a “body part” :slight_smile: … never say never ! Tit Bits ![/COLOR]


i found what i will NEVER, EVER knit… and yeah, i found the pattern on Ravelry… it’s…

Poo… yep, a knitted bowel movement.

I’ve recently found another method to avoid wrapping and turning http://fleeglesblog.blogspot.com/2009/09/fleegle-short-row-no-wraps-no-holes-no.html
I haven’t tried it yet but it looks pretty straight forward and I hope to give it a try sometime this winter.