What do you refuse to knit?

As obsessed as I am with knitting, there are just some things I refuse to knit. I will never knit cozies of any kind. I don’t get it, and I don’t know anybody that needs anything cozied. Also, I hate socks; they take too long.

Just curious as to know what you guys refuse to knit.

Tights, no one in my family wears them.

Dish cloths, they always smell funny after one use. Maybe it’s our water?

I’ve never knitted a cozie, but want to make one for a teapot we have.

:rofl: A Kleenex box cover, we’ve seen a few of those in our local Goodwill store. (Don’t mean to offend any of you who’ve made them, they just strike me funny.)

Good to know about the dishcloths; I’ve always wanted to knit one.

I always said I would never knit a sock… but… honestly I love my DPNs so much that I don’t care if no one ever wears them… socks will probably be my portable project of choice.

I hate scarves… maybe it’s because I started with them (who doesn’t???..) but they seem like too much work for not enough gratification. My MIL scarf is almost done… and my scarf… (which VERY likely won’t end as a scarf) are beautiful.

I didn’t think I’d like baby clothes… but … O M G … I want to beg my friends to get the preggers bug!!!

Definitely dishcloths. Also body parts and such-like.

lol…I don’t know. I’ve always wanted to knit the womb that’s on ravelry.

Rinse it out, lay it flat in the microwave and cook on high for one minute. If it’s not the water and is bacteria, it will cure that. I microzap mine every evening after finishing up the dishes. It stays nice a fresh for weeks.:thumbsup:

Hmmmm … probably socks because they seem like a lot of work and skill goes into them. I had seen someone had knitted a covering for a car once. That’s something I’ll probably never get into, lol.

LOL @ the kleenex covering! I have a crocheted one. It’s one interesting piece of artwork. :wink:

I don’t think I would ever knit a bikini or a thong :teehee:

You know, I’ve learned to never say never … every single time I do I end up eating those words at some point. So while there are things I won’t knit right now, I won’t say “never” because life changes and situations change - you never know what you may end up deciding to make. I will say I’m with those of you who have no plans or desires to make some of those knit body parts … but I don’t say I WON’T EVER b/c just as soon as I do, life will put me in a situation where I actually need to make one for the greatest gag gift ever. Right now I shy away from making clothing because I’m terrified that I’ll put all the work into it and it wont’ fit. I guess one day I’ll get over that but for now not so much. :slight_smile:

I can’t see knitting the body parts or even the food and stuff like that. I have seen some cute centerpieces and other decorations, but I just think the time to knit little flowers or cupcakes or whatever is just too much for what you get—which in our tiny house amounts to clutter! No offense to anyone who enjoys that stuff–I just don’t feel it fits into my lifestyle.

haha, can’t see myself knitting a car cover anytime soon either!

for me, I refuse to knit with ‘funny’ yarn - you know, with bobbles or feathery bits or suchlike - it just doesn’t fit with my particular fashion sense, and I just don’t like it.

I prefer my pretty, ‘serious’ looking yarn,:teehee:

i won’t knit anything that involves circular needles. Man, I HATE those things.

I need all kinds of cozies.
Cozies are much easier than dusting, or worse and more likely in my house, having to scrub down with soap and water.
Just pull the cozy off and toss it in the washer.
I even make cozies for things that go in a cabinet if they see so little use that they’ll be covered with dust when they’re needed.

I almost refuse to knit lace. I see little use for things with holes in them. Even when I crochet granny squares from a pattern I adjust so the holes are minimal.
My refusal is only “almost” because if someone asked me nice enough I may consider it, but it’s doubtful because I almost refuse to knit things predetermined for others.

Never say never is a good rule of thumb, but that being said…

I would like to say I’ll never knit -
body parts or cozies for them

cozies of almost any kind…I’d never get my phone out in time and it would snag on stuff in my purse

table cloth shaped lace shawls

doilies - I will never be old enough to want them and I don’t need any more dust collectors

underwear and swimwear

As for dishcloths…I have a bunch. The trick I found is to knit them out of thinner cotton so they dry faster. Drying usually prevents the smell between washings.

I won’t say “Never” either. Socks take too long – I can have a sweater made by the time I get a pair of those done. I would make a pair if someone asked me too, though…

Other probably nots include: dishcloths, swimwear, drink cozies, cell phone covers, animal clothes, bow ties. MY, my list is long…

I love my circs I am knitting a scarf that I could probably do on straights but using the circular needles on it makes it easy to look and see how well it is coming but that is just me. ( I use to hate dnps but then I started making a sock.):thumbsup:

People knit body parts?!?

Wow. Tough question for me as I still consider myself a newbie to knitting even though I have been doing it for a few years. I haven’t run into anything I wouldn’t knit yet. :knitting: A note about the dishcloths tho…I was told to put them in the top rack of your dishwasher (if u have one) and secure them. They get cleaned and sanitized with each load.:woot:

anything that i don’t want to or for whom i don’t want to. I can be very Veruca Salt (or be 2) when it comes to my craft/knitting time… esp with my arthritis getting worse…

I use WHITE cotton yarn for dishcloths and scrubbies so that I can saturate them with CLOROX CLEANUP to remove stains and bacteria! Then of course, regular washing in hot water is a good thing, too! I’ve put scrubbies in the dishwasher, but do also toss them into the wash on HOT with other whites.

The only thing I would NEVER EVER knit are the ICKY sexual things I’ve seen in some folks’ Ravely folders. Ewwww. Couldn’t even tell you what they were.
I BLIPPED their visual memory asap!