What do you look like?

As the the title says, What do you look like? When I read some people’s post I have a image of them in my mind as I’m sure most people do.

Ritaw recently sent me a piccie of herself and she was just as I imagined (only with shorter hair).

So, I’ll start, this is me taken when my Dad came down to stay.

You’re very pretty, Nobones. Although my picture is in my avatar (with my dog), it’s a pretty frumpy picture. All of my pictures seem to be with the dog. Here’s one that’s not so bad:

oh i have ideas on what i think people look like as well.

i hate my photo beiong taken sop i can only add a horible profecianal photo that was taken when i was 20 (6years ago, i look the same, well far far less make up


I don’t share pictures of my face online, but I do have a picture I had one of my kids take – to show off a shawl that a KH knitter made for Mason’s mom.

This will have to suffice…

Susi, WOW what a stunner! You look gorgeous.

Aurbunchick, curly hair, I knew it! Just the colour I pictured too. Nice shawl.

This one is already online (www.gcrpeople.com)

Here I am:

I look like this but about 33 years older.

:teehee: More pix of me here.


What a cutie, Silver!

Oh Silver what a sweet picture. I don’t have any photos of me before the age of 15. I like your tattoos, I’m trying to persuade hubby to let me have one on my back but no joy so far.

silver you were soo cute. mind you are beautiful now.

i love your knit ourl tattoo. so cool. id love one but not brave enough to actually get it done.


<---------------Look to the left. 5’ 10"/Most of the time i’m a red head or strawberry blonde. 32 years old. I got tweety bird tattoed on my left arm. Why, I have no idea.

OMG! Where are y’alls wrinkles??? :tap: :tap:

Okay, I have enough for everyone and will just hang onto them til you let me know you’re ready for 'em! :teehee:

The two beauties are my daughter and granddaughter:

Mary White uploaded this image to

That’s me (Amy) in my avatar with my dog, Sunshine. I can’t seem to post any other pictures. No tattoos, yet. But when I do get one it’ll be a smiley face in a discreet location. :slight_smile:

OK so here’s the newest pictures I can find of me (I hate having them taken) Both were taken after hiking to the top of a mesa in Sedona, AZ. I hate the picture that actually shows my face :roflhard: But my BF says that he loves it and it looks classic so I guess I’ll add it and see what you guys think.

I’ve been working on my family tree and digging through boxes of photos lately. A few days ago I posted some pics of me on my blog. To follow Silver’s example, :teehee: I look like this only a couple o’ decades older. I’ll look for a more updated one to post.

You see me there in my avatar - except that that is about 9 years old now. My hair is much longer - no bangs. And I highlighted it, so it has streaks of blonde. However, I look just the same. :slight_smile:

I’m tall, thin and beautiful…oh yes…and young. :roflhard:

That’s me in my profile picture. :slight_smile:

We must be twins!