What do you like to see most in knitting blogs?

I’ve just posted my latest entry to my blog and you can check it out at prisknits.blogspot.com, but I’m curious to find out what others in this forum most like o see in knitting blogs or blogs in general? Just curious.

I search and read blogs from time to time. To be honest, the reason I would bookmark one to return to it is the bloggers who post their free patterns.

I like to see links to free patterns and pics of completed projects for those patterns. Also, I love to read about any changes one has made to the patterns to make it better or their own and problems one has encountered with the pattern. I really like commentary about how difficult each pattern truly is and what prompted the knitter to pick that pattern. And also what yarn the knitter has used to complete the patterns? Was it the yarn suggested in the pattern or was it a yarn substituted by the knitter/blogger.

And of course, I love to see any origninal patterns and pics of their completed projects!

Patterns, free or otherwise. I also like to read the different ways that different knitters explain different techniques.

Some of the best patterns I’ve found have been on knitting blogs.