What do you like to knit most?

What are your favorite projects to knit? I really like intricate, complicated aran sweaters, they just seem fun to me…

i like to knit things that have “one-hour” or “one skein” in the title.

that instant gratification thing gets me every time :teehee:

I’m a teen knitter, too, so most people think it’s weird when I knit on my intricate aran sweater in public , but I’ve been knitting for a long time.

I’ve only been knitting since the summer, but so far, my favorite thing to knit is socks. It’s so much fun to wear them after they are completed.

Hats… I knit more hats than i can ever use but they are a great no brain project for me and are great when i just need to find something to make. They almost all go to the homeless shelter when the weather starts getting cold.

I like to knit things that don’t give me sass.
and yarn that is very extremely soft.
I also like racing stripes and lace.

I like to have a plain stockinette project, a lace project, a sock project, and something with cables on the needles at the same time. At the moment, I have a blanket, a sweater, a sock (with lace) and I’m going to start a shawl soon. Or maybe another pair of socks. I haven’t decided yet.

Little sweaters and hats for charity!

~ HATS~~ Quick, easy and I can crank them out in a few days~! :happydance: [color=brown][/color]

Socks and sweaters. I love the instant gratification from the socks, but I also love to see something big grow.

Accessories. Jumpers don’t appeal to me because I have almost never seen a knitted jumper that I liked and would wear, and don’t enjoy such long-term projects (except fot 2 or 3 that are cute and I will knit eventually, more for the product than the process).

I have a fetish for knitting lacy socks or lacy/patterned handwarmers/wristwarmers/mitts/ etc, in soft nice yarn. I have a lot of sock wool waiting for its moment.
I don’t like even slightly scratchy stuff, so buy the good stuff. Now if I knit a jumper, I’d get the same amount of knitting time/entertainment PER BALL/dollar as with a pair of gloves, but the project itself would be too expensive for me to want to wear/make. So small things appeal.


[color=indigo]Socks right now. I’m on #9 for this month! Before socks, hats. I like big projects, but I have to have something small to work on to get my feeling of accomplishment. These are socks 7 & 8 :teehee: [/color]

I like to have a few different things going at the same time like aylaanne. Right now I’m making my first pair of FT clogs, finishing off a felted bag, starting the sleeves for a sweater for my dd and working up a gauge swatch for a cabled sweater for myself.

Like madametj, I also love those instant gratification projects so I have to have at least one going on among the longer term projects like my sweaters.

I was talking to someone I know the other day who was appalled that I would have so much OTN at the same time – but I just don’t like working on the same thing all the time – I always need that one mindless project that I can work on and chat at the same time as well as one that requires silence and a closed door to my room in order to get through a row.

I only make hats for other people (mostly babies) cause I hate the way I look in them and don’t wear 'em.


I love to knit entrelac/garterlac, Lace and socks.

Right now, socks. Previously, hats. I too like immediate gratification.

I like the variety that knitting offers. I couldn’t pick one thing that’s my favorite all the time, but there are things that are my favorite at the moment.

It’s like craving a certain food. If you have it right away, for that moment it’s your favorite.

I just want to knit everything! :teehee: Since I’m a new knitter, there’s a lot of projects that I haven’t attempted yet. I do like small projects, though, and I think I’m soon going to be a sockaholic, but I’m am going to at least try to make a sweater for myself soon. And then I want to make more socks. :heart:

I change lol… in the spring/summer I like to knit little tops and dresses for my little girl… I like to knit socks… I sometimes even enjoy just a simple dish rag cause its fast… I never enjoy afghans though even baby ones :rofl: … I also tend to enjoy projects that I’m going to have to learn something new or gonna have me think :happydance:

Exactly. That’s really how I feel. Sometimes, I want to knit arans, and sometimes, garter stitch scarves. It all depends.

It’s nice to see what y’all like to knit. thanks!

I kind of agree w/ Ingrid too…sometimes I’m in the mood for baby items b/c it’s quick and cute but other times I want to knit something like socks or scarves. I have my eye on a cabled sampler afghan but I’ve never managed to complete an afghan…I also am enamored w/ the cover sweater on the new IK…