What do you knit in?

What kind of chair? I have a glider with a footstool, and I’m growing to hate it. My back hurts so much by the time I stand up. I’ve tried putting a pillow against my lower back, and that does help, but not enough.

I want a new chair! I’ve looked at the Relax the Back store, but I cannot afford them. Does anyone out there have a certain brand of chair they just love, that won’t cost so much that I can’t buy yarn for the rest of my natural life?


Driver’s seat in my truck (air ride and multi adjustable, very comfy), diner seats, bar stools, the odd stump, doesn’t matter.

I have the zero gravity chair from Relax the Back, and don’t feel bad about it being out of your price range. Probably isn’t worth it. I don’t find it comfortable at all, and if you try to shift positions, you end up putting pressure in weird places. Really hurts my trick hip! I also end up putting pillows under various arms/legs, and sometimes I use one of those U pillows made for sleeping on the plane instead of the chair’s headrest.

That said, I probably shouldn’t blame the chair. More likely, the problem is probably that I’ll sit there for hours w/o getting up and stretching. I think no matter what you are sitting in, your body will get sore if you don’t get up every hour or so and walk around the room and stretch out your arms and legs.

I took a knitting class in August, and the instructor made a big point about how important it was to stretch. She said, “Fiber people blow their bodies out.” That really resonated with me, and I am trying to take better care of myself so I can knit without pain for many years to come!

I’m with ya there Mason. :thumbsup: I knit where ever my butt (or feet) put me. :teehee: I’ve knit in couches, in chairs, in bed, on concrete, in my car (in the driver’s seat :eyebrow:), in cars as a passenger and I’ve even knit while walking the mall with my mother. :wink:

My family doesn’t understand why I perfer sitting in the old slouchy green thrift store chair when I knit. They don’t realize that it fits me very well. It’s low enough that my short little legs touch the floor, it is wide enough that I can tuck my arms in if they are tired and still knit AND the arms are low enough that if I want to prop my elbows on them I can do that as well.

I say if you are looking for a new chair go to different furniture places with your knitting and just sit and knit in them for a while. You will eventually know if a chair is comfy enough after just a few rows. Go when there aren’t a lot of people there (I would presume mid day) and don’t forget thrift stores. You might find an old slouchy green chair yourself.

I love big comfy overstuffed things, so my couch and big chair usually win. Also wherever the kittes let me sit :pout:

I’m like Mason. I like to knit anywhere. As long as I don’t sit directly on the floor or ground I’m ok. But at home, my favorite place is long-ways on the couch with several pillows behind my back. I never thought about buying a special chair to sit in, so I couldn’t help you there. Sorry.

We’d get along great :mrgreen:

he he you made me snort. :blooby:

I recently went through the “I gota get a new chair mode”. And ended up buying a new recliner with good back support(and boy, have the prices gone up since the last time I purchased one, och)

But now I have the new recliner, and it is wonderful and comfy, but I find the arms get in the way of my elbows when I knit.:doh: So now, I move to the couch to knit, and look at my new chair.:roflhard:


Lately, for me it’s been my bed. I need to get my feet up and the recliner just isn’t comfortable - hurts my back and neck. Haven’t even tried to knit in it. I used to knit and crochet in my big wooden rocker. But it’s in the garage since my move. I need to rearrange the furniture in the living room to make room for it.

We have a kind of hand-me down sofa (bought it off my parents).

It has a bucket type back? You know the arm and back are the same height but it does go up a bit more in the back.

Anyhow I sit tucked into the corner with 1 or 2 pillows propped behind my back. And pop my feet on a low stool or my sewing basket.

I used to work in a Nursing home and one of my many jobs was fitting wheel chairs for people.

Your lower back support is crucial. As is having your feet up enough. For the majority of us we want our legs to bend up and rest only lightly on the edge of the seat, then slope away from the sofa toward the floor. NOT a 90 degree angle. I am nearly 6 ft tall and find it much better to have a stool beneath my feet!

And last but most important and already mentioned… you must change positions! Every half hour is enough for most of us as we are not elderly and have a little or more than a little natural padding.

That being said… we’ve all got a natural comfortable position. There is no need to fight what makes you comfortable!

For a while I was knitting in a $10 ‘office’ chair from Walmart. Had wheels, a small pad for the back, and no arm rests. I was very mobile and I had it for so long that the chair and my body comfortably conformed to each other, but, it was so old the seat cushion was worn away to the point where I could feel the screws that held the chair together poking me when I sat down. Not pleasant.

I recently bought a better office chair from Sam’s Club… or maybe CostCo… but, it’s a lot more cushion-y and it has arm rests which used to get in the way, but, now I just rest my elbows on them and knit. The whole chair also reclines (didn’t know this at first, and screamed when I leaned back feeling like I was gonna fall :chair:) which is also quite comfortable.

I spend most of my @ home knitting time in front of my computer. I’ve tried knitting in bed but that just makes me sleepy.

my dh’s ergonomically designed desk chair that i swiped, in bed with the pillows behind me, any comfy chair really.

This looks really cool, but I wonder if it would be comfortable. They say it is – has anyone tried something like this? It’s still more than I wanted to pay, but I love the design.


I knit in my comfy chair in my living room. I have the tv on when I knit. Plus my feet up on my footstool. :knitting::knitting:

Is it weird that my first thought when I read the title to this thread was “In my jammies!”:aww::teehee:

But since you all are naming chairs and such: I knit where ever my yarn is, but I prefer my big comfy leather couch–cool in the summer and warms to your body temp just right in the cooler weather!:slight_smile:

LOL!!! I’m so glad I’m not alone! :roflhard:

Me too Mason:roflhard::roflhard:

I haven’t tried, but it does look comfy. I like the foot rest, need that, and no arms to block the flying needles.