What do you knit in the spring/summer?

it’s oold here right now~~ but spring will come and then summer~~

What are knitters supposed to be knitting when it’s not cold outside??? :??

I knit at the pool all summer…and I do things that don’t puddle in my lap. Hats, socks mostly. :slight_smile: Bags…

I’ll knit anything, even blankets since I usually have to start on my Christmas presents that far ahead of time to get them all done!!! :doh:

I like to knit tank top or sundresses for my little girl…along with socks and dish rags… I really don’t change to much I don’t guess… cause I only do baby afghans :rofl: get bored with anything larger… and then I only do them for showers so not that many…

I actually usually switch to crochet in the summer, you can made lovely lacy crochet tops to where over tank tops, very popular. I understand that you can convert crochet patterns to knit patterns though I have never tried. I usually do my summer things in a very light cotton or cotton acrylic. I made a darling crochet dress for my niece last year. You could look in the crochet magazines and then see if you can covert the patterns!

Lace is the best thing to knit in summer! Light weight and very airy. :happydance:


I like to knit blanket/afghan squares! Good stashbusters!

I throw a boatload of stash yarn into a big, lidded Home Depot crate…toss in 2 or 3 choice afghan SQUARES books…my KP Options…and leave town for the mountains! For a week minimum!

[color=blue]Under the sun, chillin’ in the mountain breeze…feet up…let those creative knittin’ juices flow! [/color]
:sun: :sun: :sun: :cheering: :sun: :sun: :sun: xxx :sun: :sun: :sun:

Oh, and after 3 pm…you can toss an [color=brown]Alaska Amber [/color]in the picture, too! :teehee:

ooooh! Good idea!

I’ve noticed that I don’t actually knit much during the summer. I guess I find the wool too hot to knit. I keep going through spring with cotton yarn, but just stop complete once it gets really hot. It must be a “comfort” connection for me.

But lace knitting might keep me motivated.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Mark viii

I actually enjoy summer knitting more than winter, I make a BUNCH of summer tops, tanks, short sleeves, etc. And sometimes some purses. I’ve always preferred cotton, silk and linen knitting to wool though

Gonna do more socks. But I llike the idea of making afghan squares. Small and portable and sew 'em together in the fall. Great idea Artlady!

I’m planning on knitting dishcloths, finishing the tube socks I’ve started, and/OR working on thread crochet projects. Not only is thread cooler to work with, but it’s also much less expensive than yarn.

BTW, dishcloth patterns make good afghan squares! :slight_smile:

Great idea. :thumbsup:

I try to knit in the summer, but I usually don’t. My hands get too sticky and things squeak.

I think it is because of the needles I use, but until I got here, I never knew better!

I usually knit dishcloths - they’re easy, lightweight, and make great Christmas gifts!!!

I like to knit headbands and purses. they’re cute and functional :happydance:

Since I’m in a climate controlled environment most of the time, I plan to work on holiday gifts to beat that rushed feeling in between light weight knitted tops.