What do you knit a man who doesn't wear sweaters?!?

I want to make DH something, but he’s not a sweater-wearer, and even if he were, it’s really too hot most of the year in S. TX for one. So aside from socks, what CAN you knit a guy???


He takes his lunch to work in a totebag. Maybe I can make him a MANLY Booga bag with skull and bones or something! :roflhard: You know…something MANLY!

Mine camps alot, so I made him a hat on the Knifty Knitter loom…and now Im making him camp towels and stuff. I was making him a scarf, but just got bored with it, and then it got warm here…

He wants me to attempt to knit something like a baja (like a poncho) for him…but he would wear a sweater if I ever made one.

Most guys wear socks.


But most boys don’t. :teehee:

Does he wear a tie? You could always make it more “manly” by adding a skull and crossbones.



Maybe you can make this a bit more “macho”


Or a tractor, or a race car, or airplanes - whatever he’s interested in!


[size=1]a willy warmer? :wink:

(sorry Arielluria, I hope I didn’t offend.)[/size]

u could try “dashing” from knitty.com

HA! :roflhard:

I feel your pain! I too live in Texas! Southern even. I am knitting my man some suspenders, and he wants a felted cowboy hat in the future (gotta love that Texas patriotism) He probably wont wear the hat though since it’s so hot down here. My boyfriend also likes really soft things, so one day I might make him a pillow. I’ve also made him socks and fingerless gloves (which he only wears when it gets cold - which is seldom). My boyfriend also refuses to wear sweaters, but he likes vests, so one day I might make him one of those for the two cold weeks of the year.

HA! :roflhard:[/quote]

Oh ya, my boyfriend seriously wants one of these too.

A hat is a good idea and I have made my own knitted lunch bag outta good old red heart yarn triple stranded… It’s roomy, pretty sturdy and washable. I have a similar problem b/c my brother doesnt’ wear sweaters, won’t wear ascarf and seldom wears anything but a ball cap~! :doh: I gave up making him anything knitted for christmas.

But he wants me to make him an aghan… b/c he loves to cuddle up on the floor and watch movies till his eyes glaze over~! :roflhard: maybe that knitty pattern for holding a hot cup of coffee… I can’t remember what it was called but it was ingenious and they also had a pattern for a little ol’ brown(felted) lunch bag…

and the clogs are a great idea too~!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

One of my male friends thought I had knitted one of those for his birthday because the parcel was very light. It wasn’t at all!! :shock: :oops:

I’d go with the monk’s satchel here. I’d like one myself.