What do you guys think of this row counter?

Hey guys,

a friend of mine asked me for a favor. She wanted a really, really simple row counter app for her iPhone. Just add and subtract rows. Nothing more. And she wanted it to look neat. :slight_smile:

I thought about it an made one. Now I’m curious how you experts think about it. As a gift, I’m giving it away for free on launch day.

Here’s all the info:

I really appreciate your opinion.

All the best from Germany
(Didn’t knit since elementary school) :wink:

Neat app, Christian. I go for a low tech approach to this but I certainly like your solution.

Thanks, Salmonmac!

Awesome! I really like that format! If it will ever be available for the Google Play store you can count on me downloading it!

It will be. I just updated the page so Android users can sign up, too.
We’re working on it. :slight_smile: